Stay the Course 2.0 (my return to blogging!)

Hey beautiful humans, I know that very few people ever knew that this blog existed in the first place, but I apologize for the ~18 month absence. Suffice to say, a lot has changed since I last updated this blog. As with everyone’s life, I’ve experienced some ups and downs since I last wrote for… Continue reading Stay the Course 2.0 (my return to blogging!)


The key to joy: vulnerability

Years ago, my therapist told me that one of the many reasons why I needed to really fight for recovery was because I’d eventually lose the ability to¬†feel. What she meant by this was that by constantly avoiding/restricting myself from feeling negative emotions like sadness, anger, and fear, I would also inevitably be avoiding/restricting myself… Continue reading The key to joy: vulnerability


What TO say to someone with an ED

I’m posting this from a residential treatment center. I was sent here about a month ago, which explains my blogging hiatus. It’s been tough, but I know that my being here is for the best. Enough about me though, I want to dedicate this post to talking about how people SHOULD talk to someone (presumably… Continue reading What TO say to someone with an ED